fun things to do in sausalito

Fun and Best Things to Do In Sausalito 


Sausalito is a beautiful coastal town located 8 miles southeast of San Rafael in Marin County, California and 4 miles north of San Francisco. This coastal town of Sausalito was used as a shipbuilding centre in World War II and has grown rapidly.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of this beautiful beach. Tourists prefer to visit the place especially during the summer season and it is a good place to relax during the evenings, though it is quite difficult to stay in the afternoon.

When you get here you can see the beautiful houses situated on the wooded hillsides and the way the wealthy Victorians once came. Sausalito is the perfect place for you to have a wonderful holiday. Well, Let’s see what are the things to do in Sausalito.


1. Golden Gate Bridge.


The first fun activity you can do in the San Francisco area of the coastal city of Sausalito is to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. There are two ways you can cross the bridge.

You can choose to walk the length of the bridge or cross the bridge by bike. The most popular way for tourists is to race the bridge over bicycles.

Tourists can rent bicycles from rentals shops in the area. If you are going by bicycle to Sausalito, you have the perfect opportunity to drive up to the ferry.

What is the Golden Gate Bridge? At 1.7 miles and 750 feet high, the bridge is designed with its classic arch cables and orange art-deco towers.

While travelling here you will have the chance to see the amazing views of the San Francisco and Sausalito beaches.


2. Marine Mammal Center.


Things to Do In Sausalito  : Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center was founded in 1975 by Socalito residents Lloyd Smalley, Paul Maxwell and Pat Arrigoni. They worked hard to save more than 20,000 marine mammals.

It is a non-profit private organization that specializes in the rehabilitation of specialized marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, seals, Pacific harbour seals, northern elephant seals, sea lions and fur seals.

About 600 marine mammals are rehabilitated annually. The main purpose of this program is to treat sick and injured marine mammals.

This is a great place for those looking for things to do in Sausalito California. The Marine Mammal Center is open to the public daily, and visitors can choose to explore exhibits and viewing areas individually or visit the 45-minute Docent Center.


3. Fort Baker National Park.


Located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Baker National Park features stunning views. History has it that the natives were natives of the Miwok tribe.

The site was used as an active military post from the early 1900s until World War II. When you get here, take away your beloved children to see the Bay Area Discovery Museum. It’s a very nice place.

It has many activities to help children develop creativity and improve their mental levels. Among the museum’s highlights are the imaginative playground that encourages unstructured free play; The art studio that encourages creativity through the artistic process; And Bay Hall, which provides a child-friendly representation of the Bay Area.

Kids learn about gravity, the laws of motion, iction and more. All activities are hands-on and interactive, and allow children to use all kinds of tools and technology in their Fab Lab open studio programs designed for their age. There is also a restaurant where you can get the food you need.


4. Visit Muir Woods Monument.


Things to Do In Sausalito  : Muir Woods Monument

Located 14 miles north of Sausalito, the reserve is home to Moore Woods ’beautiful, ancient redwood trees, which are valued for their auburn-hued trunks and green canopies.

This is a really lovely place. Things to do in Sausalito California This is a great place for you to search.

Moore Woods contains beautiful, ancient redwood trees that are valued for their Auburn-hued trunks and green canopies. Wildflowers, bay laurel and sword ferns also thrive in the shaded forest, which is often covered with cool, foggy fog.

The forest, which has been used throughout history by the people of coastal Mivok, has been declared a national monument to ensure their safety.

Climbers run from Moore Wood to Moore Beach, a small sandy beach with lots of camping and excursions. During winters (December to February), visitors sometimes see whales migrating beyond the Moore Coast.


5. Blackie’s Pasture.


This is a beautiful place. There is a lovely story with this place. The story is part of local history and fiction, a life-size beautiful bronze sculpture of a horse located in the pastures of Tiburon, attracting curious visitors to the story of the horse.

Therefore, it has attracted more tourists. In 1995, thanks to a gift from the family of Tiburon’s first mayor, Gordon Strawbridge, the sculpture was created by renowned Bay Area artist Albert Guibera and placed in Blackie’s favorite lawns.


6. Educational Tall Ship.


things to do in sausalito : Educational Tall Ship

Matthew Turner Educational High Ship is an educational project run by the Castle of the Sea. This is also a non-profit organization. There are nearly 15,000 school children.

Today, they are working with the tall ship Matthew Turner to create a floating base for experienced youth education with a completely innovative version of the thrilling wooden yacht and the support of local volunteers and philanthropists.

Once that is complete, the ship will take hundreds of local young people to discover and learn. Matthew Turner is a two-legged brigantine, 100 feet long and the first large wooden ship built in the San Francisco Bay area in nearly 100 years.


7. The Scenic Walk along Bridgeway.


If you are looking for beautiful photo opportunities on your travels, here is a great opportunity for you. This is a lovely place for those looking for things to do in Sausalito California.

As you walk along the Bridgeway from downtown you will see colourful flowers and hanging flower pots. The scenic old-fashioned streetlights adorn the sides.

The waterway starts around the landing of the ferry and runs in two directions: from the north toward the port of navigation, to the mountain of Marinas and Tamalpais, or to the south by the bay, with San Francisco as far away.

One of the most popular activities of the tourists is to take the Excelsior Stairway for a beautiful view of the Vina del Mar Fountain and the Yacht Marina. Halfway down the road is a bronze seal statue of water-covered icons.


8. Visit Harbor Dive Center.


Visit Harbor Dive Center : things to do in sausalito

This is a great place for you looking for a different experience. The Port Diving Center provides for those who are not satisfied with exploring San Francisco. Diving in the sea offers travellers a different experience.

You will get the opportunity to get a glimpse of the marine life on the ocean floor and the spectacular diving views.

This place offers all the scuba certifications you need, as well as introductory Discover Scuba trips and advanced and specialized foot courses.

In addition to organizing marine diving trips around San Francisco, the centre also organizes annual trips to foreign diving sites or invasive live boards, such as Fiji and Iceland.


9. Marin Headlands.


Here’s another great place to look for things to do in Sausalito area. Situated in the southern part of the Marine Headlands Golden Gate National Recreation Zone, this beautiful location offers the opportunity to see the stunning views of the steep slopes of Francisco.

Here you will have the opportunity to view live artist programs. The Point Bonita Lighthouse is one of the most visited attractions in the Marine Headlands.

Since 1855 it has operated ships safely through the Golden Gate Strait. There are so many beautiful sights to see and enjoy in here.


10. Old St. Hilary’s


Old St. Hilary's : things to do in sausalito

It is located in the mountains above Tiburon. This was a decolonized missionary church in 1959, now a landmark, and one of the last carpenter Gothic churches still in operation.

The former St Hillary is owned by the Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society today. It was once used as a school, then a town hall, and is now a popular destination for weddings, concerts and other public events.

The gorgeous chapel of redwood is still in its original form, with amber stained glass windows, a Douglas-fir ceiling, and a stained-glass window overlooking St.

Hilary. Old Saint Hillary’s open space, the church area, has been declared a Marine County protected area and inhabits a few rare plants, such as native black gemstone, marinated dwarf, Tiburon paintbrush and Tiburon buckwheat.


11. Tennessee Valley.


Are you looking for places to hike in your travels? If so, here’s a great place for you. The Tennessee Valley is another beautiful attraction in the Marin Headlands.

Located about 1.7 miles off the coast of Tennessee, this is the Sausalito’s best place for adventurous climbers.

The soft road starts from the parking lot and is mostly flat and the beach is accessible to many visitors. In the spring, the vegetation of the valley is lush and green and is filled with beautiful flowers.

This is a great place for those looking for things to do in Sausalito this weekend. It is an ideal place to enjoy mountain biking and cycling activities and It is a great place to gather unforgettable and beautiful memories of your trip.


12. Visit Real Napa.


things to do in sausalito

One of the most attractive attractions is the Broadway Walkway courtyard located in the beautiful waterfall of Sausalito. Here you get a chance to taste the wine.

The bar features wines from the Forts family vineyard and the Napa Mountains, such as their Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Riesling. Their attached shop offers a range of wine-related gifts and souvenirs, such as glass and cork cages.


13. Schooner Freda B.


If you would like to have an unforgettable experience on your trip, you can take a tour of the sea around Sausalito by the Coast Guard.

At once Up to 50 people can participate in the tour. The sailboat, Freda B, is about 80-foot-long. This is a great place for those looking for really fun things to do in Sausalito. Freda B is located in Sausalito, but passengers can take it to Richmond, San Francisco or Angel Island.

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