things to do in medford oregon

15 Best Things to Do in Medford Oregon


Medford Oregon is a very charming and beautiful place. But tourists visiting the state will miss this place. Sometimes may they didn’t know at the time that Medford, Oregon, was a beautiful place.

Whatever the case, Medford Oregon is a must-visit for the state. There are some of the most beautiful activities to enjoy outdoors with your family and loved ones.

Also, the main street of the town of Medford Oregon is full of shops, local restaurants and things to do indoors and there are some activities you can do around.

Well, Today I am going to discuss what are the best and most fun things to do in Medford Oregon. Ok, Let’s see.


1. Upper and Lower Table Rock.


This beautiful place is situated on the banks of the near the Rogue River. It is about 800 feet in height and is the result of a volcanic eruption several years ago according to historic data.

The history of the Medford Oregon and the culture of the surrounding country showcases it. Top and bottom table rocks are popular climbing and distant sightseeing destinations and are two of Rogue’s most prominent tourist activities.

Climbing up here can be an adventurous and fun experience. Fantastic views of the Rogue Valley and some trails leading up the Siskiyou Mountains.

Spring is the best time to hike here, as the temperature is slightly higher during the summer. Upper and Lower Table Rock is a great place to who are looking for things to do in Medford Oregon.


2. Rogue River.


things to do in medford oregon

The Rogue River, which begins the western slopes of the Mt, flows into the Pacific Ocean 215 miles between the terminus of Crater Lake National Park and Gold Beach.

Known for its whitewater rafting and rugged views, the river is one of the first eight rivers named in the Wildlife and Wildlife Act of 1968. This is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.

It is famous for water rafting and fishing in the lower Rogue River And it also contains floating lodges. This is a great place to add a different feel to your Medford Oregon tour.

Travellers interested in rowing in the among forests of the Lower Rogue River are keenly interested. There are a number of local groups nearby to get you on the water.

This is a great opportunity for those of you looking for things to do in Medford Oregon. You can get a jet boat ride up and down the river for a small fee.

You can also find other day trips along the Rogue near the lava-carved natural bridge outside Crater Lake National Park. Rogue River is a beautiful place you can spend the day.


3. Visit Medford Railroad Park.


An open-air railway museum, the place displays current and historical information about the state’s railroad history. Medford Gardens Railways hosts a city-centric show of cities, bridges, factories, fairs and thousands of places of interest.

There is so much to do and see in the Medford Railroad Park, just not only for kids but also elders. This is a great place for your kids to enjoy the outdoors.

You can enjoy a mini train ride around the park. You can take a 900-yard train ride, and the train ride is a great way to see the beauty and layout of the park. The Railroad Garden Pavilion can be rented for private events, festivals and annual shows.


4. Visit Jacksonville.


things to do in medford oregon

Jacksonville is a small town about 1 mile from Medford. It is a great place for tourists to shop, see historical information and watch live performances. There are a lot of things here for you who are looking for fun things to do in Medford Oregon.

You can walk around the city during the day and at night. In this city, simple beauty can be seen. Because Jacksonville is an agriculture-rich city.

You get a great chance to taste local food here. Jacksonville tourists are very active throughout the summer and there are outdoor concerts.

The Brit Festival Festival, which has a natural amphitheatre, often draws large crowds. Jacksonville is a great opportunity for you to have fun.


5. Visit Howard Prairie Lake.


Do you love boating and fishing on tours?. Of so, Howard Prairie Lake is one of the most beautiful places must visit. Howard Prairie attracts a lot of tourists during the summer months.

The site is 4,526 feet above sea level and is a beautiful waterfall built by the 100-foot-high Howard Prairie Dam. It represents the beauty of nature.

You can rent boats at Howard Prairie Lake. You can enjoy a beautiful boat ride experience. You can camp around this place and get the accommodation you need 1.5 miles away.

Fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking and many other fun activities you can do. Don’t forget to visit when Howard Prairie Lake arrives in Medford Oregon.


6. Visit Diamond Lake.


things to do in medford oregon

It is located just north of Crater Lake National Park in the southern part of Oregon. Diamond Lake is another beautiful spot that attracts tourists to Medford Oregon. Named in memory of John Diamond, a pioneer resident of Coburg.

The diamond lake was discovered by him in 1852. Many tourists prefer to play various water sports near South Silent Creek in Diamond Lake. Fishing, boating, mountain climbing, mountain biking and many other activities can be done.

This is a great place for those looking for kid-friendly things to do in Medford Oregon.

This place is perfect for a different experience to get in your trip and there are many rental services available to rent boats, restaurants, mountain bikes, horses and more and there are superb restaurants for your food. Diamond Lake is another great place to enjoy the outdoors on your trip.


7. Oregon Caves National Monument.


Situated 75 miles from the Medford in the Siskiyou Mountains, this underground attraction boasts guided tours, grassroots climbing trails and an underground world to explore.

Guided tours are the only way to be found inside the cave, and there are daily excursions ranging from the popular Discovery Tour to a 90-minute expedition designed for children.

There are also special off-trail cave adventures for the brave explorer. The 17 sites at Cave Creek Campground on the monument are available to first-time visitors.


8. Applegate Lake.


things to do in medford oregon

Applegate Lake is another great spot for those of you looking for fun things to do in Medford Oregon. It is located in the Rogue River National Forest in Jackson County, southwestern Oregon.

It is about 85-90 feet deep and is another beautiful place with plenty of cold water. While tourists prefer to visit Applegate Lake and long been hailed as an angler’s paradise.

Applegate Lake is named in honour of pioneers Lindsay and Jesse Applegate. Near Applegate Lake, you can do many activities including hiking, fishing and camping.

Don’t forget to visit Applegate Lake to add some lovely memories to your Medford Oregon visit.


9. Visit Natural Bridge.


This astonishing natural feature is created by turning the river into an underground lava tube, sharp and dramatic. It is a very beautiful and beautiful place.

It adds to the pride of the Rogue River. Located about 3 miles from Crater Lake, the National Park is an ideal addition for a day or night trip.

A two-mile loop and access road lead visitors to the natural bridge and back, passing through the scenic river valley and old-growth forest.


10. Crater Lake National Park.


things to do in medford oregon

Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful and attractive natural places in America. Crater Lake is located more than an hour’s drive from Medford. It was created as a result of the eruption of the volcano about 7,000 years ago.

Crater Lake is the longest surviving part of the mountain, about 2,000 feet deep from Mount Mazama. If who is the looking for Things to do in Medford Oregon, this location must visit to get a better feeling for your tour.


11. Visit Dancin Vineyards.


Dancin Vineyards is a great place to enjoy wine. It is truly a beautiful place. It produces award-winning wines in a spectacular setting. It is located in a few minutes away from Medford. You can also see the vineyards here.

They bring the world-renowned Burgundian-style Pinot Noirs, Chardonnay and Italian-inspired variants such as Barbera, Sangiovese, Syrah and Zinfandel to great heights.

Valley Views. The wine factory also offers a variety of dishes, from tasty farm to table, using the latest seasonal ingredients available from local artisans and farms.


12. Visit Prescott Park.


things to do in medford oregon

Situated in the eastern part of Medford, the site spans over 1,700 acres. Prescott Park is a great place for who are looking for fun things to do in Medford Oregon.

It is a great place for fun activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking and more. The peculiarity here is that it is one of the most striking peaks seen from Medford.

The park is open only seasonally and is closed during the rainy season and dry season. If you are visiting here, be sure to go through the seasonally. There is no cost for you to the entrance fee and It is open, Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., 7 Days a Week.


13. Kid Time Children’s Museum.


Are you looking for fun things to do in Medford Oregon with kids? If so, this place is the perfect place for you to stay. The Kid Time Children’s Museum is one of the most beautiful places in the South Oregon History Center in Medford.

If you come to Medford Oregon, be sure to take your loved ones to this place as it is a great investment for children. This is a place where young learners can play for free.

The Kid Time Children’s Museum is a wonderful place for children to get experience the strangeness of a safe and innovative environment.

Entrance fees are as follows: Children: $ 10.00 (Free for Kids Under One Year Free) and Adults: $ 6.00. and Kid Time Children’s Museum is open seven days a week.

The museum has a group of dedicated consultants who focus on exploring, discovery, imagination and game creation. Visitors are more likely to visit these family-friendly museums, this’s a great place where you and your kids can have fun together.


14. Visit Pebblestone Cellars.


things to do in medford oregon

Pebblestone Cellars is a wine-making business that owns and operates a family-owned 27-acre factory. It has been producing delicious wines for the past 30 years.

It is located southwest of Medford. This beautiful vineyard is named for sand, gravel and well-drained soils.

The warm sunny climate of Southern Oregon contributes to the intensely aromatics and flavours of the estate’s wines.

The wine factory uses grapes sourced solely from Ellis Vineyards and produces award-winning wines from varieties originating from central France and northern Spain, as well as regions such as Albarino, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Tempranillo and Viognier.

The spacious tasting room offers stunning views of the surrounding valley from the beautiful deck.


15. Larks Kitchen & Cocktails.


Medford Oregon is one of the best places to try a delicious meal. Offers seasonal inspired, delicious dishes made with farm-fresh ingredients and artisanal produce.

Designed for a bygone era of luxury car travel, Lark’s Kitchen & Cocktails features a 1960s decor, elegant full-service bar, luxury lounge and soft light dining room, creating an intimate and romantic setting to celebrate special events.

The creative menu, led by award-winning executive chef Billy Busher, serves up dinner in Oregon’s culinary landscape with fresh local seafood, naturally grown grasses and poultry, organic bs, herbs, fruits, salads and vegetables, and regional cream milk. Cream.

The dishes are paired with a variety of casual wines, bottled craft beer and ordered cocktails in Italy and other wine-growing regions.

Larks Kitchen and Cocktail is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week and offers live music from Monday to Friday.

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