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15 Best Things To Do In Ensenada – Outdoor Activities


Ensenada is one of the most popular tourist attraction place in California. Ensenada is a coastal city in Mexico. This is located 80 miles south of San Diego. This beautiful place is locally known as “Cinderella in the Pacific“.

The city was one of the first settlements to be established in California. Ensenada has a mild climate throughout the year. Rain time is short in the winter. Due to the prevailing and soft weather conditions, Ensenada tours allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

There are many places to enjoy outdoors at Ensenada. OK, Let’s see what are the beautiful places in Ensenada and what are the things to do in Ensenada.


1. Are You Like Wine tasting…?


things to do in ensenada

This is an interesting experience you can have at Ensenada. Ensenada is very famous for local wine production. The nearby vineyards of Ensenada offer a more traditional and tranquil ambience.

If you want to taste a clean and tasty wine, this is the perfect place for you. When you arrive in Ensenada, there are many wineries that you can stop in Ensenada.

And they are all considered the capital of wine, reaffirming the city’s identity. Upon arriving at the Ensenada you will have the opportunity to drink some delicious wine and visit the vineyards.

You can taste this divine taste for $ 3-5. I think, for those of you looking for things to do in Ensenada, you can taste the wine that Ensenada has for the first time as a first experience Ensenada.


2. History Museum of Ensenada.


One of the most fascinating places to visit is the Ensenada History Museum. This is part of the Riviera Cultural Center. If you are looking for things to do in ensenada with kids, take your little ones to this place.

It is a different experience for them. This is the best place to learn about the history of the city. Historical information here indicates the arrival of Europe from the pre-historic period.

The focus is primarily on the history of the Baja Peninsula and the people who made it today. A person can obtain a permit to enter the museum for as little as $ 2.

Museum Details Displays exhibition information in English and Spanish descriptions. A library and photographs show the pride of the museum. You can get help from a travel guide to get a better description.

3. Visit Paipai Ecotorism.


things to do in ensenada

Paipai is a conservation organization in Ensenada. Here Preserved here are cats. even It also rehabilitates exotic animals abandoned by their mothers.

Here you can give your little ones a different experience. You can also provide some donation to care for the animals here.

Here you can join the instruction and education programs needed to care for your pets. Don’t forget to come here when you visit Ensenada. It is the best investment you can make to protect the well-being of people and animals.


4. Let’s Go Whale Watching.


If you’re looking for things to do in Ensenada in December or April, here’s a great opportunity for you. Whales migrate to the sea of Ensenada to the harsh winter of the north and to give birth to calves.

Here you can see grey whales. You can see whales Todos swimming and play in Los Santos Bay. Boating services are available in Ensenada to see these whales.

You can even go near the whales with those service providers. Sometimes you even get a chance to touch and pet these whales. Personally, I love it. It is a great opportunity to make your trip a memorable one.


5. Enjoy Surf at Playa Hermosa or Ensenada.


things to do in ensenada

This is a great opportunity to show off your surfing skills. You don’t need to carry any of your surfing gear. You can get it all here. Playa Hermosa Beach near the port is the ideal location for this.

Don’t you have any skill to surf? If so, don’t worry. Playa Hermosa offers surf lessons for beginners. You can get all the knowledge you need to surf.

If you are not keen on surfing, you can also enjoy beautiful ocean scenes and water sports here. If you are looking for things to do in Ensenada port, this place is reserved for you.


6. Visit the Opal Mine.


If you are looking for things to do in Ensenada with family and make sure, the Opal Mine is a must-visit. Opal is a popular gem in Mexico.

it is very fascinating. In this store, you can buy the most unique and popular Fire Opal of Opal. There are hundreds of designs to choose from in this opal mine.

You can get experience the feeling of being in a live mine here. The shop, designed like a real mine, displays jewellery of many shapes and sizes.

You can buy locally made jewellery and accessories here. There is a friendly staff to assist you in making your selections. hereYou can buy something or jewellery to make your Ensenada trip a memorable.


7. You ca Try Varieties of Tequila.


things to do in ensenada

Have you ever heard of Coffee Tequila before? It tastes like coffee. If you come to Ensenada, I will ask you to please taste it at least once. Because until you don’t taste it, you don’t think they’re a good combination.

There are many types of tequila. You may have tasted this outside of Mexico. But if you want the best flavour, try here. It will bring a tasty feeling to your Ensenada trip.

If you don’t like the tequila taste so much, you can bring home a whole bottle as a souvenir to share with you and your friends and family.

I think it’s a great opportunity to share with your friends the interesting experiences you found during your Ensenada tour.


8. Vist Cafe Torino.


Are you looking for a caffeine break during your travels? If you need a caffeine break during the Ensenada tour, Cafe Torino is the best place to go. Cafe Torino is an Italian-style Ensenada coffee shop.

One of my favourite places in Ensenada is Cafe Torino. If you’re looking for things to do in Ensenada clubs, I think this is a great place to visit with your family.

The restaurant has a very friendly atmosphere to suit your little ones and serves a variety of hot and cold coffee.

You will get free internet access and the works of local artists will be displayed to add colour and local flavour. Don’t forget to come here when visiting Ensenada.


9. Jeep Adventure Tour.


things to do in ensenada

You can choose a jeep ride to make your Ensenada trip a bit more exciting. You can take a jeep ride for a rough ride through the mountains outside of Ensenada.

Here you can explore the beautiful vineyards and olive groves and visit the rural villages of the Guadalupe Valley. You can get help from a travel guide here.

If you’re looking for things to do in Ensenada, you can add a jeep adventure to your Ensenada trip. It makes your trip even more exciting.


10. Go Spot Fishing.


If you are looking for fun things to do in Ensenada, this will be great fun for you. Baja in the Ensenada is popular for fishing.

A large number of tourists come to Baja for fishing and for exploring marine life. Don’t forget to seek the help of a travel guide to get a better experience for you. It can be a great way to get more experience and information.


11. Visit Bean to Belly Experience.


things to do in ensenada

Don’t forget to go to Maya Cocoa once you arrive at Ensenada. It’s a great opportunity for you and your loved ones to have fun.

Visit Maya Cocoa on Alvarado Avenue in front of El Guerrero Food Stand to get cocoa bean history. You can participate in the cocoa workshop here.

Book a cocoa workshop for more exciting experiences. For that, You can get help from a travel guide. There you will have the opportunity to participate in a chocolate-making process and have the opportunity to buy and taste traditional Maya chocolate drinks and other chocolate products.

This is a great opportunity to who are looking for things to do in Ensenada with kids. So don’t forget to visit the traditional Maya cocoa.


12. Enjoy orseback Training.


If you would like to take your Ensenada trip a little differently or if you are looking for things to do in Ensenada Baja California Mexico, here is the place for you.

The place is located about half a mile north of Ensenada. You will have the opportunity to explore the area with horseback riding of your choice.

The company also has well-trained horses for all skill levels, with special ert guides to guide you.

You’ll have the perfect opportunity to hike the scenic trails to the San Miguel Mountains overlooking the Gulf of Salsipuis and offshore islands, making it an unforgettable memory of your Ensenada trip.

Don’t forget to have a packed lunch if you go here, because the running time is planned for 1 to 5 hours.


13. ATV Ensenada.


things to do in ensenada

Here’s the perfect activity for you to make your Ensenada trip an adventure. You can rent an AVT for this and it will cost a little more. Here you can get a chance to drive an AVT.

You can enjoy a fun and enjoyable day with ATV Ensenada. The AVT track is down a few fascinating trails, with tours of up to four wine factories. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Ensenada.


14. Let’s See Shore and Visit Port.


Ensenada is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, and the ocean of Ensenada are very peaceful and blue. Ensenada’s natural landscape design is gorgeous.

Most of the tourists to Ensenada come to do beach activities and surf activities. The coast of Bahia de Todos Santos is especially popular for this.

It has the port of Ensenada. Also in Ensenada, this is a major destination for fishing and commercial importing and exporting fish.

You can taste more seafood with sardines and mackerel here. If you’re looking for things to do in Ensenada port, this is a must-visit. There you will be able to taste and buy different types of seafood.


15. Sea Lions at La Lobera


things to do in ensenada

La Lobera is an open rooftop sea cave. It is located on the rugged southern coast of Ensenada, located between the city of San Quintin and Rosario.

The cave is shaped like a playground and is home to sea lions 20 feet down. The place is truly charming and quaint.

This is a great place to take photos for your unforgettable trips. La Lobera is one of the top tourist attractions.

Of course, you can enjoy the incredible views and landmarks here. It will make your Ensenada trip even more exciting.


16. Visit To The Tara Garden.


Another beautiful spot in Ensenada is the Tara Garden. The main statue in the Tara Garden is the statue of the Tibetan Princess. It is a sculpture about 20 feet high. It is the centre of Tara Park. Tara is an intelligent woman who lived in the Himalayan region. It is a truly meaningful embodiment. It reflects such high qualities as compassion, joy and equality.

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