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15 Best Things to Do In Canton Ohio : Adventure and Funny Activities for You


Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame …! Just hearing the name reminds you of Canton, Ohio. This is a beautiful place that attracts tourists. This city is a beautiful place with many museums, historical sites, theatres, live music, concerts and events. Canton Ohio is a beautiful place where you can have fun with your family and enjoy delicious food. OK, Let’s see what are the things to do in Canton Ohio.


1. Pro Football Hall of Fame.


things to do in Canton Ohio : Pro Football Hall of Fame

This is the birthplace of the National Football League in the 1920s. Many local and foreign tourists flock to Canton Ohio to see it. The two-story, 19,000-foot, two-story building provides an insight into the history of professional American football.

You can hire help from a travel guide to get better knowledge. The details of the sport and stories about the players are quite interesting and give the players high regard.


2. Visit Clays Park.


things to do in Canton Ohio : Visit Clays Park

Are you more interested in having an adventure with your travels? If so, Clay’s Park is the perfect place for you. The Clays Gardens Water Park is a great place for an adventure in the summer.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Canton Ohio, This place most suitable for you. This water park is a safe haven for children.

So don’t be afraid to bring your loved ones to this place for fun. inflatable obstacles, old-fashioned barrel rolls, ring swings, double zip lines, kayaks and canoes, white sand volleyball, basketball, mini-golf and more are here for you to enjoy.

There are counsellors throughout the park to help you do all the fun activities right here. The place has a lot of tourist attractions, so more people visit the park on weekends.

If you can, go on weekdays so that there is less congestion in the park and the daily admission price is less than the weekend.


3. The National First Ladies’ Library.


things to do in Canton Ohio : The National First Ladies' Library

The National Presidential Women’s Library was founded in 1995 by Mary Regula, wife of former Representative Ralph Regula.

This is an organization dedicated to educating guests about women’s important roles and their important historical information.

In this library Saxton McKinley House and the Education and Research Center in the library, which has preserved a modern exhibition space, a research library, a 91-seat Victorian theatre, and beautiful women. When you visit Canton Ohio, visit this library.


4. Visit Atwood Lake Park.


things to do in Canton Ohio :Atwood Lake Park
Image Credit : Atwoodpark

This is a great place for those looking for fun things to do in Canton Ohio. There are several places for you to visit and play fun games.

This is a great place to enjoy natural beauty, hiking, adventure activities, and camping at night. You have to pay about $ 5 to enter the park.

Upon entering the park, you will have access to trails, activities, swimming beaches and picnic areas. A lake is a great place for swimming activities and shallow water for your dear little ones.

After all, swimming is not the only thing you can do on the lake. You can rent pontoon boats, fishing boats, sports boats and kayaks at the marina.

Want to try out some water sports? If so, you can rent equipment such as wakeboards and water skis to play various water sports.


5. Blue Water Majesty Museum.


Blue Water Majesty Museum : things to do in Canton Ohio

The Blue Water Majesty Museum is a small indoor museum featuring the intricate and fascinating work of Larry Pulka, who designs wooden model ships.

All the designs here are handmade. Only wood from exotic forests such as African mahogany, ebony and jatoba was used for this design. Many artists have participated in these works.

Among that artist, Larry Pulka has been building model ships for more than 30 years. The ships are made to a certain extent by copies of the original plan he buys from reputable agencies like the Smithsonian.

The museum’s model ships include the Rattlesnake, the Constitution, and a ship. Group tours can be arranged at the museum.


6. Harry London Chocolates.


Harry London Chocolates

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Canton Ohio for kids, here’s another great place. You can also visit the chocolate factory for a free tour.

You can buy the delicious chocolate here, not just to taste the delicious chocolate but to give it to your friends. This may be a great place to give your loved kids a different outing experience on your trip.

The tour takes about an hour and you will get to enjoy the history of the factory, the making of chocolate, and the taste of chocolate on the spot.

The most important and favourite part of the tour is the get a high-quality chocolate taste. Don’t forget to book your date and time as there are a large number of tourists visiting this place.


7. Amateur Sports Hall of Fame.


Amateur Sports Hall of Fame
Image Credit :

This is truly a wonderful place. It celebrates and honours the heroes of local football. Not only football players but also athletes who celebrate different sports including basketball, billiards, swimming and wrestling.

The museum houses the New York Yankee Thurman Munson’s sports day equipment, along with other interesting facts, figures and exhibits about local sports heroes. You who come here, You will get a glimpse of various sports-related items, photos, items and other sports-related items.


8. MAPS Air Museum.


MAPS Air Museum

This place is truly worth visiting. Here you will see historical aircraft, hidden aircraft information, military guns, artillery and many other artefacts.

Here you will find interesting stories about their experiences with aircraft pilots and their experiences during their flight. Unlike other museums, you can do both seeing and touching.

You will also have the option of getting close to various types of aircraft and taking photos. The most rewarding experience I’ve had here is being allowed to sit in the pilot seat.

It was a really lovely experience. This is a great place for looking for fun things to do in Canton Ohio. Ask about a tour of the restoration area before you visit. It will help you get a glimpse of the tour here.


9. Canton Classic Car Museum.


Canton Classic Car Museum

Here you will have the chance to see rare and unusual classic and vintage cars. In 1978 Senior r. Founded by Marshall Belden, the museum boasts over 40 beautifully preserved classic cars, including the 1901 Curved-Era Olds Mobile, the 1911 Model T Ford, the 1966 Ford Mustang and the 1970 Plymouth Super Bird.

The museum displays memorabilia, car-related items and objects, vintage toys, historical thriller photos and movie posters, and some of the world’s most famous and beautiful automobiles.

A large gift shop sells a variety of souvenirs, clothing, merchandise, sports, toys and model cars and is open during museum hours.


10. Baylor Beach Park.


Baylor Beach Park
Image Credit :

Perched in a two-acre lake, this place is ideal for a hot summer day in the summer months. With a clean sandbar and a fine water mass, the lake has many activities for you to enjoy.

Among them are diving boards, a two-story water slide, a log roll, and several small water slides on the shallow end, ideal for young children and beginner swimmers.

This is a great place for who looking for things to do in Canton Ohio with kids. The park is a safe haven for children and there are lots of fun options for kids of all ages.

It is a great place to have an outdoor lunch with your family and you are allowed to bring your own lunch outside.

If you plan to camp around the lake during the trip, be sure to book in advance and inquire about their special packages.


11. Historic Zoar Village.


Historic Zoar Village
Image Credit :

The village is a beautiful village that is already known as one of the most successful ethnic settlements in American history.

The well-preserved houses, museums, cinemas, wine factories and other buildings reflect the original American architecture and are surrounded by rural villages.

Tours of the thrilling village will explore the history, culture, art and design of the iconic village and enjoy shopping, wine tasting, theatre and more.


12. Hartville Marketplace.


Historic Zoar Village

Hartville Marketplace, about half a mile from the city, features a semi-indoor market, a semi-outdoor grocery market, a giant hardware store and a half kitchen.

This is truly a lovely fun place to be. Visitors will get a chance to taste a wide variety of dishes while tourists will be more interested in tasting the Brosst chicken.

Brost chicken is a special way to prepare chicken. You can also visit the Hartville Kitchen to enjoy a coconut ice cream.

Walking on here you will have the opportunity to taste many dishes and buy a variety of clothing and more.


13. Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve.


things to do in Canton Ohio

This is a natural reserve of about 58 acres. There are many rare plants here. Jackson Bog is located in northern Stark County. Jackson Bog is a fence or wet grassland, home to shrubby sinkfoils and a northern pitcher plant as well as a host of flowering and carnivorous plants, including rush, silt, and migratory songbirds and aquatic birds.

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