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Finding where to remain in Edinburgh can turn into a staggering undertaking for outsiders in view of the colossal number of lodgings accessible and the huge number of regions and neighborhoods inside and outside the city. Peruse this manual for comprehend the topography of the notable Edinburgh and find lodgings alternatives appropriate for some financial plans and for various travel encounters.

Consistently, around 2 million voyagers visit Scotland’s capital, for its energetic walk sea shores, its colossal approaching château, and the best theater celebration on the planet.

In any case, alongside numerous voyagers, Edinburgh likewise offers numerous convenience alternatives. In case you’re new to Edinburgh, picking when to visit Edinburgh or picking a decent convenience for your excursion can be overpowering and scaring.

In case you’re visiting Edinburgh, however uncertain about where you should remain, we have you secured. Large city settlement can generally be befuddling. In any case, with this guide, you can bid farewell to your vulnerability.

We’ve secured a few convenience choices of tremendously shifting styles, alongside various areas of the city. Regardless of your financial plan, your inclinations, and who you’re going with, there’s a PERFECT convenience decision for you here.

We’ve unloaded all the various locale, all the distinctive spending alternatives, and all the best activities.

In case You’re In A Hurry, Here’s Our Advice In Short

Remain in the Royal Mile (otherwise called The Old Town) which is the very heart of Edinburgh. It’s the most well known region for guests and home to a large portion of the occasions and attractions which make Edinburgh notorious.

It’s ideal for a first visit because of its closeness to the manor, the antiquated side roads, and all the enormous vacation destinations.

In case you’re visiting Edinburgh just because, The Old Town is simply the best spot to inundate in all the good times. Later in this article we’ve remembered guidance for probably the best lodgings and inns here.

Top attractions in The Old Town:

The Castle

The Fringe Festival

National Museum of Scotland

Phantom Tours

Camera Obscura

About Edinburgh

Before we make a plunge, here are a couple of Edinburgh realities to put your convenience chase into setting:

Money: Pound Sterling – £

Language: everybody communicates in English, and everything is written in English, which makes Edinburgh an exceptionally simple city to visit and explore

Populace: 530,000 (source)

Number of visitor rooms in the city (over all convenience choices): more than 14,000 (source)

Assessed number of normal visitors every day: around 5,500

Edinburgh is extremely sheltered to head out to as it’s viewed as probably the most secure city in the UK.

Such considered, you have heaps of choices – as do the entirety of different vacationers who visit the city. Most voyagers visit Edinburgh without doing a lot of research, and in this way once in a while remain in perilous, untrustworthy or uninspiring settlement.

Be that as it may, with us, you’re in safe hands.

Here’s a finished manual for Edinburgh’s various territories and neighborhoods alongside the best inns to remain in these areas of Edinburgh.

How about we investigate!

Best Areas and Neighborhoods to Stay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is separated into four primary territories:

The Royal Mile (otherwise called the Old Town)

Downtown area (otherwise called the New Town)



Since Edinburgh is a genuinely walkable city, these regions give simple access to the entirety of the city’s headliners, attractions and focal points.

In certain urban communities, a few pieces of town are path away from different pieces of town.

In Edinburgh, that is not the situation. Regardless of where you remain from the four choices above, you’ll have the option to appreciate the whole city just and without any problem.

Each of the four regions can be reached from each other by foot. Then again, you can utilize Edinburgh’s brilliant, broad and moderate transport organize – or employ bikes from the few simple to-utilize rental focuses all through the city.

Regardless of whether you need old boulevards, ocean side walks or the famous port of Leith, you can without much of a stretch access every one of them from each purpose of the city.

The Royal Mile (otherwise called the Old Town)

The best area to remain in Edinburgh is obviously the Royal Mile, or Edinburgh Old Town. This zone is the original Edinburgh, which each vacationer visits Edinburgh to see. On the off chance that you need to remain in notable Edinburgh, with the manor, cobbled paths and antiquated design, this is the best spot to do it. It likewise has a wealth of nearby food, candy stores and plaid clad keepsake shops.

Memorable and occupied, this is traveler focal. The greater part of the enormous attractions are around there. It likewise has historical centers, medieval relics and road entertainers.

The Elephant Cafe, in this piece of the city, is likewise well known – JK Rowling wrote a portion of the Harry Potter books in this eccentric bistro.

The Royal Mile here and there is to some degree a satire of itself. Despite the fact that it has all the antiquated design, the uncontrolled the travel industry has stripped away a portion of the credibility of the zone. In case you’re the kind of visitor who likes to remain in the ‘genuine’ some portion of a city, you should abstain from expediting in the Old Town.

Here are the top activities on The Royal Mile:

The mansion: the most well known vacation spot in the entire of Edinburgh, the palace sits gladly over the remainder of the city. With cells, visits and the every day 1 o’clock gun shoot, it’s significantly more than only a pretty structure. It’s really based on a terminated fountain of liquid magma!

The Fringe Festival: consistently, in the mid year, the city is totally commanded by three weeks of theater, satire and execution. This piece of the city is constantly packed full with entertainers, entertainers and characters hawking their shows by distributing pamphlets and doing small scale exhibitions in the boulevards. This in itself is an incredible motivation to visit the zone, most likely not at all like anything you’ve at any point experienced previously.

National Museum of Scotland: a four-story spectacle of Scottish history, old history and the sky is the limit from there. There’s even a mammoth life-sized T-Rex!

Phantom visits: Edinburgh is apparently an extremely spooky city. Numerous organizations offer strolling visits to clarify and outline the city’s remarkable history of frightens and ghosts.

Strolling: a meander around this zone of the city can be enjoyable. Everywhere, there’s something fascinating standing by to be found, regardless of whether it’s a house of prayer, a tight path, a coffee bar, or the imperial family’s Holyrood Palace. There’s surely a great deal stuffed into a little zone.

The Best Hotels in the Royal Mile Old Town

The Witchery by the Castle café around evening time, the Royal Mile – by byronv2 (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Extravagance pick: The Witchery by The Castle

Set straight in the core of the activity and unbelievably sumptuous, this inn appears as though it’s been torn from the arrangement of a gothic blood and gore film. In spite of the fact that increasingly acclaimed as an eatery, it’s additionally a well known inn.

Mid-run pick: Ibis South Bridge

Midway found and sensibly reasonable, this lodging offers great essential extravagance at a nice cost. The lodging has a charming yard and an extraordinary café and bar.

Spending pick: Royal Mile Backpackers

Its name consummately summarizes precisely what this spot is about! Focal, beautiful, comfortable and inviting, it’s an extraordinary spot to meet different voyagers. What’s more, not normal for some different lodgings, the stylistic theme is extremely beguiling, inventive and fun.

Downtown area (otherwise called the New Town)

Georgian engineering, tasteful bars and costly stores make the new town an immediate difference to the old town. Despite the fact that there aren’t numerous sights here, it’s an incredible spot to remain on the off chance that you incline toward tasting beverages and relaxing, as opposed to long periods of endless touring.

In the event that you like bars, eateries and shopping, this is the best spot to remain. Anything you desire to purchase, anything you desire to eat, it’s everything here.

The greater part of this region is genuinely tasteful and costly. In the event that that is not to your taste, you most likely won’t appreciate remaining in – or investigating – quite a bit of this territory.

Here are the top activities in the New Town:

Sovereigns Street: stores, stores and more stores. Before a significant part of the UK was taken over by monstrous shopping centers, all shopping was directed in the city. Sovereigns Street has held the appeal of this convention, with innumerable spots to shop.

Edinburgh Dungeons: an incredible love-letter to the frightful and grisly, the cells have various creepy displays based on the spookier sides of Edinburgh’s history. The whole historical center is intelligent, as on-screen characters jump out of the dimness for a really terrifying encounter.

The Stand Comedy Club: the most well known parody club in the whole city. Edinburgh has a colossal legacy of fabulous parody, and this is the best spot to encounter it. There are appears here consistently, from youthful up-and-comers to a portion of the business’ greatest and best names.

The Best Hotels in the New Town

Extravagance pick: The Intercontinental

The most established inn in Edinburgh, this spot has been serving visitors since 1881. It impeccably blends tasteful in with contemporary, and figures out how to offer old fashioned class and appeal close by present day deco. Extraordinary food and drink, and an incredible spot to remain.

Mid-extend pick: Easy Hotel

On the more reasonable side of mid-extend is the Easy Hotel. It’s a fundamental convenience however it’s perfect and all around found.

Spending pick: Princes Street Backpackers

Basic, this settlement offers all that you’d ordinarily anticipate from an inn, with a couple included additional items, including a DVD relax, free strolling visits, good country visits and considerably more. In the event that you need a moderate spot to remain, this is perhaps the best pick over the entire of Edinburgh.


Multicultural and lively, Leith has verifiably consistently been the least well-to-do some portion of Edinburgh. In any case, that is not true anymore. In spite of the fact that a portion of the more unfortunate regions of Leith can be somewhat hazardous for solo explorers around evening time, Leith is currently to a great extent cosmopolitan

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